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How to Lose Belly Fat - Finally Learn the Truth

How to Lose Belly Fat - Finally Learn the Truth
By []Michael Kenny

Do you have a fat belly? I did. Until I discovered the true cause of what makes are stomach bulge out like balloons and how to get rid of all that extra adipose tissue. In this article I will share my personal experience of how once I hit the age of 30 I was not able to lose and what I did to finally get rid of those extra pounds.

It seemed that once I hit the age of 30 or so I just started to get fatter. Even though I was working out like I did when I was in my 20's, when I was lean and muscular. My wife would tease me and ask when I was giving birth. Believe it or not, now at the age of 45 (and I am going to be 46 very soon) my diet is much cleaner and healthier now as compared to my 20's but still I have a bowling ball for a stomach.

You see, no matter what exercise program I did, or whatever diet I tried, I always seemed to gain the weight back. I tried a totally vegetarian life style and I was tired and weak all of the time. Everyone told me that I was going through a body detox of all the toxins in my body and that I would eventually feel great. But the "feel great' never came and I continued to be tired and weak. So I did a complete diet reversal and started doing the all protein diet. I got skinny really fast but this diet was worse because as soon as I started to eat like a real person again I binged on every carbohydrate imaginable. Then I gained back even more weight than I had just lost.

Well now that I am 45 and soon to be 46, I realized that it is our natural hormone levels that keep us lean and muscular. I actually did learn this over 20 years ago in my Biochemistry and Endocrine classes in Chiropractic College but it did not hit home until I was desperate to lose weight.

In my desperation I began taking further post graduate training in Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis. In this post graduate training I learned many things.

I learned that as we get older our hormone levels decrease and because of the decrease in these hormone levels our lean muscle mass decreases as well. But our fat levels do the exact opposite and actually increase as the hormone levels decrease. So genetically we are destined to become less muscular and over weight.

I also learned that Blood Tests are not always accurate in determining your hormone levels because they vary throughout the day, and if they are normal at the moment you have the blood taken, then your test will come back totally normal. This is especially true for women.

We also learned that the steroids in our food supply, (milk, beef, chicken, etc...) and all of the pesticides used on the crops and vegetables we eat, really mess up the chemistry of the human body. This also makes us over weight.

Through my research and educational training I discovered that we can naturally restore our hormone levels to keep us lean and get rid of belly fat. We can do this with natural homeopathic remedy creams that have been proven to be safe and effective.

Now I am not saying that you can eat pizza, hamburgers and hot dogs and drink soda and alcohol all day and then just use these creams and wake up skinny the next day. You just have to use the creams and follow a healthy diet of fruit, vegetables and lean protein and of course exercise helps burn those calories.

But what I am saying is that with healthy hormone levels all that exercise will not be for nothing! You will finally get to experience the benefits of any exercise program that you do.

I personally use 2 homeopathic bioidentical hormone creams. I use a Testosterone/DHEA cream and a HGH cream. I apply a half teaspoon twice a day.

My wife is taking 2 creams as well. She is taking the Estriol cream and the Progesterone cream.

This is how I personally was finally able to lose my belly fat and extra weight.

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