Medical Weight Loss In Philadelphia Diet Doctors

Medical Weight Loss In Philadelphia  Diet Doctors
Affordable Medical Weight Loss in Philadelphia


Lose 8 - 20 lbs in 4 Weeks Meal Replacement Weight Loss in Philadelphia

Lose 8 - 20 lbs in 4 Weeks

What’s the “Secret” 
To Losing Your Weight Fast
and Saving Money, Calories and Time?

It’s Replacing Two Meals a Day with a
Delicious Nutritional Herbalogica Shake!

2 Shakes a Day + 1 Real Meal + All The Vegetables You Can Eat = A Skinnier You.

Save Money!  
Let’s face it, preparing nutritious meals is vital for health and weight loss, but food can be costly.   
Cut out one-third of your expensive grocery bill by replacing one meal a day with a delicious Nutritional Herbalogica Shake.  The cost of one shake is only $3.00!  Your budget will love this simple step!

Save Calories!   
One Nutritional Shake only has 180 calories or less!   It is delicious, nutritious and extremely satisfying…yet it has a very low caloric content!

Save Time!   

One of the biggest obstacles to eating healthy is having food ready.   Simplify your life by replacing one meal a day with a Nutritional Shake.   This can be mixed in seconds.   Simply add water and shake.  No blender necessary.  You can prepare this on the go, while traveling…or anywhere!

Four Flavors to Choose from:  

Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry and Orange Cream
Delicious!  Everyone’s favorite treat!
  • Mixes instantly with cold water (have it anywhere)
  • Replaces a balanced meal
  • Soy free, lactose free, sugar free, no artificial sweeteners
  • Contains 26 essential vitamins
  • Enhances vitality
  • Great source of protein and amino acids
  • Helps to normalize your weight
  • Increased Energy!
Other Tips for the Herbalogica Nutritional Shake!
  • Great post workout shake
  • Great way to get nutrition into your kids…they’ll love it (mix chocolate with ice!)
  • Great for diabetics
  • Great for people with Candida
  • Ask us for extra recipes!
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