Medical Weight Loss In Philadelphia Diet Doctors

Medical Weight Loss In Philadelphia  Diet Doctors
Affordable Medical Weight Loss in Philadelphia


Medical Weight Loss - Safe and Effective

Medical Weight-loss plans are the safest and most effective programs for losing weight. Usually these programs are directed by licensed and trained health care professionals who have a solid education and clinical background in helping you achieve your goals safely.

The medical weight loss program usually consists of medical doctors who will work with you and prescribe the appropriate appetite suppressant medication that will significantly reduce your hunger and cravings. Of course the doctor will take a detailed medical history and medication history to ensure that you are able to participate in such a program and take these medications.

After this consultation you willl usually then see a dietary and nutritional specialist. This health care professional will work with you and with your input of foods that you like and dislike and foods that you might be allergic to develop a sound daily nutritional program that will facilitate your weight-loss.

You will then see an exercise specialist who will develop a personal exercise program specifically for you that is designed to fat burn off of your body. This workout program will take into consideration your present fitness level as well as any physical injuries that you may have. This means that if you suffer from a bad back, arthritis, knee problems, and ankle or foot problems that they will not give you a program that has you running 60 minutes every single day of the week. In fact most people start out their exercise program with just simple walking. However, they will more likely than not give you a specific target for you to get your heart rate up to and maintain for approximately 30 to 60 minutes. This targeted heart rate level is called the fat burning zone.
Usually you will be seen every four weeks by the doctor and his weight loss team. In these sessions your blood pressure will usually be checked, you will be weighed, your diet and exercise journals will be reviewed and the doctor and his assistants will usually help you with any issues or concerns and adjustments may be made to your supplements and medications.

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